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Gridmaster Tickets 1-25

Gridmaster Tickets 1-25 Gridmaster Tickets 1-25


Gridmaster Tickets 1-25


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Pack of 200 Raffles

Serial numbered, colour coded, easy to use.

Our 1-25 raffle ticket sheets are perfect for those smaller raffles.

You can run a single 25 ticket raffle, or run two or more separate 25 ticket raffles using different coloured sheets. Two 1-25 ticket sheets will fit into a single Gridmaster Raffle Ticket Board at once so if you are running two raffles at the same time you only need one board. Just use a different colour for each raffle. The large ticket numbers are easily seen which means buyers can quickly pick their favourite number!

Each ticket set has a space to write the winning number, plus the date of the raffle and the name of the person selling the tickets for audit purposes. Raffle tickets are matched back to their originating sheet once they have been torn off, even if you run several raffles at once, as all tickets from a set are imprinted with a unique name and code which is duplicated on the originating sheet.

Packs comprise of 10 colours: White, green, red, yellow, orange, aqua, blue, pink, grey, brown. These are collated so you have a different colour each time you use a sheet. Each sheet has its own individual sheet name and non-repeating individual serial number.