Exterminator 90% Steel Tip Dart


New Zealand Made, 

Exterminator 90% Tungsten Steel Tip Dart,
Latest Precision Grip Technology machined from 90% Tungsten to give a well balanced dart with Puma's heavy grip. Steel tip are fitted with grip points to allow players to extend the grip profile.
Pack contents: 1 set of tungsten darts, Aluminium anodised remachined shafts, 2D flights, Plastic case and clam packed.
21gr Dart Code DR5337121 - Barrel Spec's: Weight 21gm Length: 50.5mm Dia: 6.6mm
23gr Dart Code DR5337123 - Barrel Spec's: Weight 23gm Length: 50.9mm Dia: 6.6mm
25gr Dart Code DR5337125 - Barrel Spec's: Weight 25gm Length: 50.8mm Dia: 6.6mm