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Admin Help

Product Types

This field is unused in the logic of the templates at the moment, but can help when you are searching for particular product types in the admin area.


These are what drives the logic in the website display. Each collection is automated. It has an 'if this, then do this' logic based on tags.

The way I have set it up is that products go into collections automatically based on what product tags you apply to that product:

You don't need to set the collection, just the product tags.

Naming of Collections and Product Tags

If you need to create new names, then make sure each first word is capitalised of the name. For example 'Household Robots' rather then 'household robots'.

If you need to create a new collection, make sure it is an automated collection based on tags like the others. If you are not sure, I can sort that.

Home Page Featured Collections

You can adjust the number of items on display per column and the number of rows. You can also decide which collection is the one to be displayed.

Alternatively, you can use a collection that is unused anywhere else (e.g the 'Homepage' collection) and manually put in here whatever items you want on the homepage - they don't all have to be from the one collection.

Product Vendors

Just kept as SportzPro for all products.